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The Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS) is a young SME development agency established as a subsidiary of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) in Yemen in 2006. Although it is itself a (quasi) public-sector body, SMEPS aims to achieve its goals by pursuing “creative strategies for MSME diversity and growth through the market-oriented approach”. In keeping with this approach, SMEPS’ interventions seek to build and facilitate the economic and technical capacities of market-driven private-sector parties including the MSMEs themselves, rather than acting as a significant direct service-provider to MSMEs.


smeps Vision

Creativity and Diversification

Creativity and diversification is our slogan as we seek the progressive diversification of the SE sector. We hope to see SEs moving into new sub-sectors and the introduction of new business lines (markets/products) within existing sub-sector.


Smeps Mission1

We are an SE development agency facilitating SE diversification. We do this by presenting creative strategies for SE diversity and growth through the market-oriented approach. This includes:

  • Developing market-oriented initiatives (training, consulting, etc.).
  • Promotion Entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitating market linkages.
  • Promoting value chains.
  • Supporting new line development.
  • Undertaking studies ( market, sub-sector, value chain, etc.).
  • Developing local knowledge and capacity in our field for replication and learning.

We aim to deliver on our mission through a strong commitment to investing in the capacity of SMEPS staff and that of our partners.